About Us

Hi, my name is Chris Sayer, owner and director of Breach Airsoft Ltd.

I first started playing Airsoft in 2005 when the sport was quite young in the UK. Since then I have played continuously and always had a massive interest in the upgrade and customisation of airsoft rifles. As this interest grew I began doing work for friends and other players I had encountered. This lead me to founding Breach Airsoft Ltd in 2016 trading on Facebook as Breach Customs. Since then I have been building and customising rifles for a range of customers working on anything from Bolt Action Sniper Rifles to DMR’s and DSG high rate of fire CQB rifles.

I have a passion for wanting to bring great performance and value to the UK’s airsoft players with the convenience of simply buying an item from the shelf. As such I worked on and produced my first line of custom pre-built rifles in 2017 from the Ares Octarms Pro rifles. I had always felt that this easy availability to rifles that work at a level you normally must pay exorbitant amounts for should be readily available to those looking for the next step up from stock, off the wall, rifles. I’d felt this way simply because as an active, and long time airsofter myself I didn’t always want to have to research for countless hours into parts compatibility and combinations. To then buy the stock rifle just to spend even more money and time upgrading it up to the performance level of my other airsoft guns. But of course, I cannot cover all bases for every individual, so my service always has and always will include the option to commission a custom piece from Breach Customs.

Looking ahead to the future I am planning to extend the range of pre-built upgraded rifles stocked on our website and in store. The first new rifle range to be added will be based on the ICS platform, which allows for great modularity. I hope to bring that to reality later this year.

So, if you are looking for something special, unique, or one of our off the shelf pre-upgraded rifles; please don’t hesitate to contact us or place an order online.